B2B tech companies of all sizes look to us to develop a winning marketing strategy. 


OutLeap Marketing will team with you to:

  • Hone your marketing plan 

  • Develop break-through positioning 

  • Activate your positioning strategy  

  • Guide product launches 

  • Build-out a world-class marketing team


Marketing Plan Development

If the ultimate aim of your marketing effort is to generate demand and help the sales team close business, is your marketing plan setting your team up to make an impact?  Since every marketing org has limited cycles and budget to invest, it’s critical to identify the factors creating a drag on sales growth so you can prioritize the programs and initiatives that will move the needle most in any given time period.   

We will partner with you to diagnose the bottlenecks in your sales and marketing funnel, and help build-out a focused marketing plan that aligns with your revenue goals and overall business objectives.


Positioning Strategy

We'll first conduct an assessment of your current positioning through 1) interviews with your executive team, board, sales team, and customers 2) a review of your website, pitch deck, and other content assets, and 3) competitive and industry research. Next, we’ll facilitate a two-stage working session with your team to further unpack and get alignment around the value you deliver and the market category you’re looking to lead -- or create.

The primary deliverables will be a "messaging blueprint" and company narrative that your marketing team will use to activate your new messaging and narrative across your website, core sales-kit, and program mix.  


Positioning Activation

After helping to peg your positioning strategy, we can work with your marketing team to activate it across your sales and marketing efforts.  

This includes building-out the core toolkit (e.g., pitch deck, sell sheet(s), prospecting templates) and enablement programs (e.g., field certification guide, training sessions) your sales team will rely on to relay your value to prospects, as well as developing an integrated marketing campaign and supporting content assets that your marketing team can use to drive your narrative across your program mix.


Product Launch Support

As your product management and development teams races to deliver your next big product or set of capabilities to market, we can develop a detailed launch plan that captures the work effort, deliverables, and programs needed to make the launch count.   

You can look to us to support significant components of the launch plan, including recommendations around packaging, positioning and naming the new offering, conducting a competitive landscape assessment, building out core tools and enablement materials for the sales team, and campaign theme development to enable a powerful integrated launch by your marketing team.   


Marketing Org Planning

Your marketing effort will be a key -- if not the key -- ingredient in enabling you to scale revenue growth.  With that end in mind, it’s critical that you establish a strong foundation within your new or growing marketing organization from the way the team is structured, to the kind of roles and talent required at each stage of the company’s evolution, to how the the team is measured and developed overtime.  

We can play an integral role in guiding decisions around how you structure your marketing org and approach annual planning and goal setting.  Clients will also look to us to develop job profiles, participate in candidate screening, and provide ongoing mentoring support.


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